Some Facts About Body Wraps

Body wraps have become a very popular attraction among women who are fighting the weight loss battle. Many women are more than willing to give this trend a try. Some still remain skeptical while others are taking the plunge.

Although products like it works Body Wraps seem to be a new fad, the concept has been around for some time. Bodies are wrapped in linen and sometimes have thermal blankets applied overtop. It depends on the type of treatment you are looking for. They vary depending on whether you want to lose weight, detoxify, or lose some cellulite.

The main basic procedure can vary from one spa to the next, but for the most part, it’s the same thing. The thermal blanket gets placed onto a massage table, and the client will lay down on it. There is a scrubbing followed by a shower and a rinse. Then comes the application of the body products. Once the body products have been applied, the technician pulls the second blanket over-top of the client as they lay on the table. After a specific time, a short cooling down period will take place, followed by the final rinse and the application of a lotion.

Again, the types of body wraps may vary from one place to the next, but are basically made up of three different types -

(1). Detox Wraps – These are to help cleanse the body of harmful toxins.
(2). Hydrating Wraps – These are for improving skin tone and re-moisturizing the skin.
(3). Slimming Wraps – These wraps are designed to help with weight loss.

Another thing that varies, like most things that deal with people and body chemistry, are the results. Body wraps, like certain diets, work better for some than they do for others. It depends on your personal body chemistry and its reaction to the products being used.

There has been much debate as to whether or not body wraps actually work. The facts prove that they do. However, it is not to the extent of some people’s expectations. For example, a detox wrap causes your skin to sweat out harmful toxins, but does very little for the liver. So it works to some extent, but maybe not as thoroughly as a liver treatment product. It’s the same in the case of cellulite and weight loss.

However, for many people they are a welcome approach that works just fine. You just have to try one to decide for yourself if it is enough for your personal goals and needs.

Thai Yoga

I’m currently in Koh Samui, Thailand on a Yoga Teacher Training course and this being my third week and everything, I just had to let my readers know what I’m up to and why my blog is suffering with poor updates from the fashion world. If you’re only wearing yoga wear and your idea of dressing up is Converse, a tee and old cut-offs, you kind of end up in the fashion state of mind I’m in. And it feels simply amazing. Even for someone who’s a fashion addict deep down underneath. This yoga-journey is just amazing in every way. It’s life-changing (and not only style-wise). We start the day off with a energizing yoga class, have lunch and then a few hours of theory and then end the day with some more yoga. After the third shower of the day, we all gather for dinner and just sit thai yogaaround to talk and hang out. The food is amazing and the people that are here are really laid-back and chilled. We’re from all over the world with different backgrounds, ages and professions but we’re all linked together by our love for yoga. I know many of my readers and friends are interested in doing a yoga course but are just too intimated by those yogi stereotypes. This is like the modern ways of being a yogi. We’re allowed to have a glass of wine and we do spend time on the beach on our breaks when the weather gods have heard our prayers.

Trend Alert

Button up your collars, girls. The relaxed shirt stolen from you boyfriends wardrobe can now nicely be returned for a while and you’ll have to just do with your own this winter season. Go for a sharp tailored look (and who knows, this might benefit you at work actually). Here’s some inspiration:

trend-alert-button-up-collars-image trend-alert-button-up-collars-picture trend-alert-button-up-collars

For Christmas Its Time To Go Red

Get inspired by Santa and do work a red dress this Christmas. This is the time of the year when the color gets alive. Make sure to stick out during this months endless parties with some fiery red along all the black frocks. Maxi, mini, chiffon or a cut-out statement dress depending on if it’s a office gathering or a more sophisticated red-christmas-mini-dress red-statement-dress-by-aqua

Decorative Precast

Precast concrete walls are ready made concrete block, walls and strips that are used for reducing time for construction. Construction managers have to mix concrete on the site for the project and then pour it into molds. This can take quite some time since the concrete needs to be mixed according to proportion, poured into the right place and allowed to set in place. Precast concrete will cut down on the time that is meant to do all this.

Precast concrete are manufactured in accordance to the instructions of the builder. This means that precast concrete can be used to make a variety of different things such as Precast Concrete Stone Walls and

decorative precast concrete fences. These will be strengthened using steel bars, colors, fillers and iron rails for them to be strong according to the requirements of the project. They can even be installed overnight.

They are stable and environmental friendly. Concrete is very stable and it is able to last for a very long time. During the manufacturing process, companies will add chemicals, treatment and colors to the materials thus coming up with incredibly stable pieces and blocks. Due to the fact that the material is strong, it does not need a lot of maintenance, renovation or repair. It will still remain stable during accidents such as earthquakes and floods. Since the material is strong, you can buy it and keep it for a long time making sure that you never run out of raw materials and your projects are not delayed.

Most builders will customize their precast blocks according to the project they have in mind. Some homeowners can also buy precast concrete walls, or premade concrete blocks and then use them for their specific projects. You can get ready made blocks from large or small hardware stores. As seen above, those are some of the benefits of using Precast Concrete Stone Walls.